Our Judges are business professionals and/or accredited teachers, and a list of those who have previously served is provided below. If you are a teacher and would like to serve as a judge, please email us at: Jana_inge@yahoo.com.   We will contact you for a resume and references. 


Winners will be announced, and prizes awarded by May 30th.


Annie Stone:

Language arts teacher at Denton Calvary Academy in Denton, Texas. She has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communication from Texas A&M, and a Master's in Education from Texas Tech.

“While studying at Texas Tech, I had a professor who LOVED language arts, and a professor who LOVED children's literature. Both were an inspiration to me, and through their classes, and authors they introduced to me, I soon fell in love with language arts as well. “.

Dr. Ed Garcia:

Professor of English in the Dallas County Community College District, where he has been teaching for 27 years. He teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at Brookhaven College. Dr. Garcia holds BA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA from Ohio State University.

Dr. Garcia's stories and poems have appeared in numerous publications, including Texas Short Stories II, The Texas Observer, and Texas in Poetry. His has also published reviews in a number of publications, with more than 50 appearing in the Dallas Morning News.

Sarah Lippe:

Master’s Degree in English and Reading with many doctoral hours as well.  She has taught English for 14 years, primarily focusing on the senior level and AP courses, and has also taught graduate classes at Texas Women’s University. 

“My love, however, is high school students; I’m fascinated by their wit and energy. The English field enables me to equip students to read and write more effectively, thereby reaching my goal of producing lifetime readers.  I deeply and desperately desire for my students to read their Bibles intently throughout their lives.”

Amy Provence:

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southwest Texas University in San Marcos, Texas. She began her career teaching middle school in Waco, Texas, and now teaches art at Calhoun Middle School in Denton, Texas.

"In the early years of my education, art instruction was not offered. However, my passion for art became a determination to learn and teach others. I just finished my sixth year. Its is a joy watching my students create their works, and I look forward to the years ahead!"

Dina Deckard:

Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University at College Station, Texas. She has been honored with the title, "Teacher of The Year" by the Van Alstyne I.S.D.

"I decided to pursue a teaching career through the influence of a wonderful English teacher I had in high school. I just completed my fifth year of teaching and am looking forward to many more."

Stephanie Grimes:

Holds a Masters Degree from Southern Methodist University and now teaches pre A.P. and A.P classes at Keller High School, Keller, Texas. She has taught writing and served as a University Interscholastic League judge in spelling and ready-writing competitions.

Fredrika Fikes:

Elementary teacher- McNair Elementary (Exemplary Campus)
Denton Independent School District
University of North Texas-B.S. in Ed.
Texas Woman's University-M.Ed.

Member of: National Council for the Social Studies and Association of Texas Professional Educators
Listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers

"My goal as a teacher is to nurture and develop life-long learners and involved citizens. The reason I continue to teach is selfish, I always want to be able to see the world with an unbiased view that only a child can possess."

Jennifer Myers:

1995 graduate of Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders and is a certified interpreter for the hearing impaired. She teachers third grade at McNair Elementary, in Denton, Texas.

" The most valuable lesson I have learned as a teacher is that even though I teach everyday, I learn more everyday, not from the books and lessons I teach from, but from my students who I am blessed to care for each and every day."