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A Knight Sees The Light - Christie
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BooksByChildren is a collection of stories and poems written by children and young adults from around the world, and in different languages; some also have an audio feature so that you can both read and hear stories read in different languages. We hope you enjoy reading these great stories and poems, and will send us yours.

How to put your writings in the Internet Library!

Our premise is that at the foundation of every great idea, every great work, and every great expression of who we are, or what we seek to accomplish, is the pen. The Library exists for this purpose, to help you excel in written communication, because if you master the pen, you will do masterfully well.

You may submit written works produced as a normal part of class requirements, but corrected in accordance with any teacher comments, and you may also submit works produced outside of school. Prizes and scholarships will be announced and awarded as funds are available, but today the StudentLibrary has generated nearly $25,000 in scholarships, cash prizes and recognition awards to students and their schools.

For additional enjoyment, audio will be added to some submissions, and in some cases in more than one language, so that you may both read and hear stories read in other languages. These are featured in the Read-To-Me and Other Languages volumes.

There is no cost to you or your school to enter your work in this Children's Library / Student Library, but the rewards can be significant. For more on prizes and writing scholarships being awarded, please see Prizes & Scholarships, or click here for a Submission Form.

If you would like to contact us you may do so at: Editor. To view our Privacy Policy, click here.

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